The Coalition represents nonprofit and charitable sector organizations that have come together in support of a shared mission: to create a stronger, more resilient and impactful nonprofit and charitable sector.


Today, for tomorrow.



COVID-19 has highlighted systemic inequalities, while also inflicting significant health and economic damage in communities across the country and around the world. Now, a shadow pandemic is emerging that will continue long after lockdowns have been lifted, affecting mental health, financial stability, food access, elder care, health care, education, women in the workplace and more.


Our society is at a crossroads – one which offers a unique opportunity to build a nonprofit and charitable sector that works in collaboration – with each other and with government – to build a stronger, more resilient and inclusive nation.



Our goal: A nonprofit and charitable sector fit for the 21st century

This is a Collective Movement


The time has come for the nonprofit and charitable sector and the federal government to work together like never before.


Members of the nonprofit and charitable sector are partners, innovators and community builders, responding to a vast range of issues like climate change, economic opportunity for youth and newcomers, democratic inclusion, and Indigenous reconciliation.


Our sector can offer unparalleled, strategic insights which reflect our work on the ground in every region of this country. Working hand in hand with government, we can bring innovation, avoid duplication and make valuable dollars go further, all while helping to create a stronger and more resilient country for all.

The Time is Now for a Home in Government

Many sectors have benefited from a similar home in government approach.


Fisheries & Oceans (2020)

- 1.6% of Canada’s GDP

- $31.65B annually in GDP

- 30,000 jobs 

Transportation (2018) 

- 8% of Canada’s GDP

- $153.4B annually in GDP

- 920,800 jobs 

Meanwhile, the charitable and nonprofit sector contributes


of Canada’s GDP

Agriculture (2016)

- 6.7% of Canada’s GDP

- $111.9B annually in GDP

- 2.3 million jobs 


million jobs

Source: Imagine Canada (2020) 



The time is now to create a home in government for the nonprofit and charitable sector. Working together, we can build a vibrant, more resilient social fabric while supporting jobs and economic growth in every corner of our country.


Our Vision:

Create a distinct home in government for the nonprofit and charitable sector to create over-arching policies that support the sector and tangible solutions to specific challenges

Develop a sectoral policy infrastructure which ensures a coherent mandate, incorporating the nonprofit and charitable sector in policy decision-making and legislative development 


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